Does Consumer Electronics Industry Realize The Vision Of Smart...

Does Consumer Electronics Industry Realize The Vision Of Smart Factory?

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, October 22, 2020

FREMONT, CA: The pace of change and complexity of consumer electronics devices continues to increase. The way products are manufactured, is demanding the global consumer electronics sector to evolve at a high rate of change. The accelerating competition, extreme quality measures, and need to design and build anywhere has made smart digital factory more important than ever. Plenty of changes can happen with the implementation of the smart factory. Know more below.

With smart factories, the consumer electronics manufacturing process is completely automated to achieve a specific objective. Smart factories may seem similar to regular, but aspects of smart technology make the difference. For a consumer electronics manufacturing company, machine to machine communication leads to many changes in manufacturing processes.  

Top 10 Consumer Electronics Companies in APAC - 2020To be competitive, a consumer electronics manufacturing company must integrate automation processes within the smart factory. Automation is beneficial in electronics manufacturing when a task is repetitive, and this allows increased production quality. With automation and machine-to-machine communication, the process from PCBA engineering to designing and introducing new products to the market is validated by a control system. As companies move to smart factory vision, design and engineering will become more interdisciplinary and collaborative.

Amazing technologies, including AI, additive technologies, and robotics, are emerging in electronics manufacturing. Leveraging these significant developments will positively change the factory environment. The resulting benefits of smart factory adoption include flexible order processing, efficient resource management, connected and reliable production, improved traceability, quality assurance, optimized manufacturing, consistent engineering, and digital continuity.

The establishment of a smart factory will lead to several changes in consumer electronics manufacturing companies. Companies are responsible for making a plan to stay competitive and up to date on recent advancements. Consumer electronics manufacturing companies without a plan to invest in the smart factory will not be able to compete in the next industrial revolution that is about to happen soon. 

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