EDM 5.10 Alerts Become More Powerful With SNMP Trap Alert Capability

EDM 5.10 Alerts Become More Powerful With SNMP Trap Alert Capability

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, July 29, 2019

Brandon Witte, President & CEO

Ease of Use, Regulatory Compliance, improved Business Efficiency with EDM 5.10 and SNMP trap alert integration.

FREMONT, CA: Sightline Systems has announced the launch of Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) 5.10, with new Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Trap alerting features.

By using the SNMP trap alert, EDM users can now leverage their existing alerting base to be additionally notified of the conditions that damage the equipment, and solve those problems before it affects the end-users. Active alerts like both caution and critical alerts will be shown within EDM.

With the support of the SNMP trap alert, EDM enables the users to upload Management Information Files (MIB) files. These files explain the standards and readings that are accessible for monitoring via SNMP. While creating SNMP trap alerts, settings can be manually entered or can also be based on uploaded predefined or custom MIB. These alerts can either include a set of values or regular expressions.

Sightline Systems provides a real-time operations intelligence that leverage machine learning and predictive analytics providing root-cause analysis, anomaly detection, and capacity planning from any data source or critical IT systems including mainframes, applications as well as manufacturing systems including programmable logic controllers (PCL). Featured among the Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions Providers 2016 by Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine, the company excels in providing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions too.

Manufacturers that use Sightline products can gain insights to enhance quality, lower production costs, ensure safety, and gain a competitive edge, stated Brandon Witte, president, and CEO of Sightline Systems. Solid growth can be attained by showcasing performance data on time, he added.

Sightline EDM is used across many enterprises including manufacturing, energy, travel, financial services, and telecom. The firms have used Sightline across the globe where the consumers use it to collect, holds, for visualization, for monitoring and analyzing data to simplify the operations and improving profitability.  

EDM is a proven enterprise-grade and scalable software solution. It easily collects the data within minutes with pre-built integration. EDM is compatible with all modern web browsers and mobile devices, supporting Windows, Linux, VMware, Solaris, and AIX.

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