Enabling Enterprises to Launch their Cutting-Edge IoT Solutions

Enabling Enterprises to Launch their Cutting-Edge IoT Solutions

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, March 07, 2019

CES is an important platform for the developers to showcase and launch their innovative cutting-edge technology that can reshape the present ways of dealing with several problems as well the future. CES 2019 also did not disappoint the audiences as it introduced several innovative products before them. Developers exhibited how technology can reshape every sphere precisely.

This year, CES witnessed the powerful emergence of augmented reality (AR). For example, Chinese start-up Nreal introduced Stylish AR glasses with snapdragon 845 processor which can revamp the experience of entertainment, and Vuzix unveiled Blade AR glasses. Except for this, from healthcare to the food supply, every sector witnessed the indomitable presence of advanced technology to improve customer experience.

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At CES 2019, edge computing gained huge currency as several leading IoT hardware companies revealed their future plans to refurbish this area in the future. Avnet played a vital role through Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter kit which leverages Microsoft's Azure Sphere, a solution for MCU, to offer more secured end-to-end IoT implementations, and the presence of Arm® Cortex™-A7 processor makes it more powerful. This 33*22 mm device encompasses a dual-band Wi-Fi chip antenna and a system clock, and the built-in sensors for temperature, pressure, and light make it more innovative and unique.

Besides presenting the starter kit, Avnet revealed new IoT products to help engineers and entrepreneurs which aims at simplifying the whole process of development and deployment of IoT solutions. For example, SmartEdge Agile offers the developers the chance to create secure applications leveraging AI. The company's hackster.io has turned into a leading developer community and also provides valuable resources to learn, build, and share technology.

Except for Avnet, MultiTech has announced Sense2Grow, a joint solution with Technolution having MultiConnect Conduit IoT gateway and loRaWan connectivity. A rose greenhouse in Porta Nova is already using it to have access to the detailed data of their greenhouse, and this solution can easily be deployed to different and diverse IoT environments.

CES 2019 was intriguing in nature and became the desired zone of the tech lovers providing them with the glimpse of futuristic technology which not only can change the industrial sector but can cast an indelible impression on the daily life.

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