Europe Technical Center Established by ZC Rubber in Germany

Europe Technical Center Established by ZC Rubber in Germany

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A new Europe Technical Center (ETC) has been launched by Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd in Hanover, Germany.

FREMONT, CA: Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (ZC Rubber) has opened a new Europe Technical Center (ETC) in Hanover, Germany. On November 1, 2021, the ETC officially began operations.  ZC Rubber's head R&D Center in China will receive significant technical support from the Europe Technical Center while concentrating on worldwide original equipment project development that benchmarks changing tire technologies and also aids in raising the standards for new product performance. For their new Europe Technical Center, ZC Rubber has appointed Martin Wells as Vice President Global OE and for Key Account Manager OE and Automotive Engineer, Jörn Tietjens. Moreover, Wells will be in charge of the company's OE business and oversee all activities at ETC, including OE project development and account management on a global scale.

For over six years, Wells has served at Giti Tire R&D Centre (Europe) GmbH as the director of KAM OEM and has extensive expertise in the European OEM industry, particularly with Volkswagen Group. In addition, he is a senior expert in the VDA auditing arena. Further, the activities such as developing, testing, and marketing new products to Key OE accounts, including organizing commercial and technical assistance to ensure that all customer-related targets are met, will be handled by Tietjens. He previously worked in Giti Tire R&D Centre Europe as a key account manager of OE and automotive engineer OE. He set a good track record of improving customer relations and successfully managing various OE projects within the VW Group. Zhongce Rubber Group chairman Shen Jinrong stated that ZC Rubber's Europe Technical Center was one of the most precious assets as it is the world's ninth-largest tire manufacturer. ZC Rubber will be able to develop cutting-edge technologies for our OEM partners, with the opening of the new Europe Technical Center, and raise the bar for new product performance. He further added how delighted they were to have Mr. Wells and Mr. Tietjens at the helm of their activities at Europe Technical Center.

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