Expanded Digital Capabilities for Tackling Most Pressing Business...

Expanded Digital Capabilities for Tackling Most Pressing Business Challenges

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Agile digital capabilities are the keys to anticipate and respond to market forces continuously.

FREMONT, CA: NEORIS— accelerating the digital capabilities of enterprises— releases augmented intelligence practice to spur data-driven business innovation. Artificial intelligence and other technologies offer businesses lucrative opportunities to deliver innovative products and services, but the scarcity of technical talent and high initial investments have restrained initial adoption until now. The new practice has emerged as a remedy, and it welcomes talents to offer their clients actionable insights for the most pressing business challenges by leveraging a robust data fabric generated by layers of interconnected solutions.  

Companies across the world are increasingly striving to understand and uncover the valuable relationship between products, services, customer demands, and market trends while ensuring regulatory compliance and risk management. With the newly launched augmented intelligence practice, NEORIS offers its clients data-driven solutions that enable deriving dynamic business insights and deliver a hyper-personalized experience to customers.

The global manufacturing landscape is witnessing an ever significant demand for smart manufacturing solutions. Harnessing technology will ensure new-age manufacturers with better transparency, the delegation of tasks, and the delivery of unique customer products across geographies. Florida based NEORIS offers value-added consulting services for augmented reality solutions, manufacturing integration and intelligence, and manufacturing execution solutions. It helps new-age manufacturers streamline their operations, eventually resulting in agile production and faster inventory management.

Bagging a global recognition as one of the Top 10 Consulting Providers by Manufacturing Technology Insights, NEORIS—equipping its clients in automotive, CPG and heavy equipment industries—is also working towards simplification of its current solutions and extending them to the predictive arena. With its fully integrated manufacturing solutions aimed at alleviating operational constraints, the company maintains a dedicated approach to help customers attain their business goals. 

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