e-Xstream Integration with Senvol Database Hopes to Remediate Lack...

e-Xstream Integration with Senvol Database Hopes to Remediate Lack of Data IN 3D Printing

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, August 10, 2020

By adding Senvol Database, e-Xstream resolves the lack of data on material behavior and printing processes in 3D printing for more widespread industrial production.

FREMONT, CA: A part of Hexagons Manufacturing Intelligence division, e-Xstream engineering, adds the Senvol Database to its 10X Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) solution. Senvol is the most comprehensive database of additive manufacturing materials and machines on the market. This addition will make it easier for manufacturers to shortlist and evaluate how the latest 3D printing potential can enhance their products.

By integrating the Senvol Database within MaterialCenter, e-Xstream’s material data management system, product R & D teams can access a wealth of 3D printing intelligence for metal, polymer, composite, and advanced materials. With this, teams can review the potentials of additive manufacturing materials, processes, and machines and compare them to their current designs and processes to find innovation, cost reduction, or faster turnaround.

Additionally, shortlisted material candidates can be exported directly from MaterialCenter to computer-aided engineering tools for conceptual design exploration. Design, materials, and manufacturing professionals can then partner to develop the product virtually, harnessing proprietary material models, and process definitions from suppliers to ensure optimal results utilizing the 10X ICME solution. A greater understanding of the evolving capabilities of additive manufacturing will allow product development teams to rapidly explore new design possibilities and enhance collaboration to adopt new manufacturing techniques within organizations.

MaterialCenter is one of the leading software solutions for materials data management, and it is a natural fit for the Senvol Database. MaterialCenter users can have a comprehensive database of additive manufacturing machines and materials at one click away. Using the MaterialCenter web interface, users can track the full pedigree of data to understand the relationship from the feedstock. All data is stored and is available throughout the organization to avoid redundant in the product development process.

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