Fascinating prototypes making their way in 2022

Fascinating prototypes making their way in 2022

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, January 18, 2022

An overview on the most fascinating prototypes presented at the CES 2022, which will be readily available for purchase and usage by the end of the year.

FREMONT, CA: CES presented several announcements regarding various products and services that will be readily available for purchase and usage by 2022. Even though some concepts at CES were not necessarily realistic, they were nevertheless intriguing. If Amazon and Lockheed-Martin have their way, Alexa will be the first voice assistant in space. During the forthcoming Artemis I test launch, they intend to send a version of Alexa up with NASA's Orion Space Capsule. Its part of the Callisto technology bundle, which is intended to explore how software like Alexa can assist astronauts.

liquid cooling, which is fairly popular in gaming computers, is nearly impossible for very thin laptops. Speaking of which, Alienware's Concept Polaris takes the idea of an external graphics processing unit (eGPU) and water-cools it. EGPUs are powerful graphics cards that live in separate enclosures and are designed to connect externally to thin laptops that have the CPU, memory, and other required hardware for gaming but lack a proper GPU internally.

Further, the most significant advantage of laptops is their portability, but it is also the source of their biggest weakness. Combining all of the necessary components for a fully functional computer onto a single board is the simplest way to pack them into a slim design. As a result, upgrading or repairing anything other than the hard drive and RAM modules is nearly impossible. Dell's Concept Luna prototype attempts to stop this trend by making laptops more environmentally friendly and even recyclable.

Concept Luna is a modular laptop that allows most of the major components to be easily removed and replaced. That's already a well-established concept, as seen with the Framework Laptop, but Concept Luna takes it a step further by looking at the big picture. While it is still a prototype, Dell is looking into ways to recycle laptop components or reuse them in other models as they are replaced.

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