First-of-Its-Kind Interconnect Solution Helping the Space Explorers

First-of-Its-Kind Interconnect Solution Helping the Space Explorers

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, August 02, 2019

Space explorers are making use of innovative interconnect solutions to ensure their systems work in hard and demanding environments.

FREMONT, CA: Designer and manufacturer of innovative, reliable electronic components, interconnects and solutions, AirBorn unveils Space-rated Active Optical Cable (SAOC). SAOC gives engineers and space application designers all the benefits of fiber optic cabling with the ease of use of a traditional copper cable assembly. It is also the first thoroughly tested and qualified active optical demonstrating AirBorn’s commitment to solving customer challenges through continuous innovation.

The SAOC takes a copper signal and converts it to fiber optical signal within the connector and reduces engineering time by eliminating the need for a specialized transceiver and time spent furbishing and terminating fiber. It can be installed like a traditional copper cable but yields the same benefits of speed, distance, and EMI protection engineers expect from fiber optic cabling. A single-connection interface accommodates both conventional copper cabling and SAOC, giving system designers flexibility.

Leading space exploration companies rely on the quality and reliability of AirBorn’s novel interconnect solutions to make sure their systems work in the most jarring and demanding environments. From the deep ocean to space, the company’s progressive interconnect solutions are opted to operate the critical systems. AirBorn’s custom-designed cables, utilizing its product and technology, meet stringent space-rating requirements emphasizing quality, reliability and performance. AirBorn provides design-in support to meet the rising demands of the space market while supporting all testing and program management efforts.

AirBorn’s value-added services expand its capabilities well beyond standard and custom connectors. With all of its customer-centric services offered under one roof, the company eliminates mark-ups that come with dealing with multiple suppliers, shortening lead-times and saving customers both time and money.

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