Four Trends in CNC Machining Technology to Watch out for

Four Trends in CNC Machining Technology to Watch out for

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, August 16, 2021

CNC machining technology is one manufacturing process that is making innovation through machinery cost reduction and enhanced creativity.

Fremont, CA: The usage of smart and collaborative machinery is required for organizations to exceed client expectations while producing high-quality parts. Manufacturing processes arose from necessity. CNC machining is one of the manufacturing processes. It's a digitized method that creates the most efficient machine parts possible. This technology has made a difference in making high-precision parts in a short amount of time and at a lower cost. The CNC machine began as a simple machine designed to reduce the time it took to make a product with greater precision. Due to the high demand, however, technology has aided the process in meeting these expectations. Some latest trends in CNC machining include:

Using plywood for laser cutting

Manufacturers have been able to take advantage of the flexibility of wood, thanks to the sophisticated CNC laser cutter. It is now possible to make geometric patterns and etch motifs on wood using CNC machining. It keeps the milled wood's toughness, sturdiness, and flexibility. Machined wood offers a wide range of uses, from decorative items to wall art.


Three-dimensional printing and CNC machining are two distinct production processes. The former is a process of addition, whereas the latter is the polar opposite. They've worked on their own and have their own applications. However, recent advancements have integrated the two technologies into a single machine known as BoXYZ. Because it combines a CNC mill, a laser engraver, and a 3D printer, this machine is gaining popularity. It has the potential to reduce the cost of machine investment.

Cutting ice

The CNC machining process is versatile and can work with a variety of materials, including plastic, plexiglass, and plywood. It can also cut ice, which is astonishing. That is the magnitude of the CNC machine's improvement. CNC machines can mill ice to produce detailed ice sculptures by translating vector data into G-code. It gives people a new method to exhibit their creativity.

Smartphone alerts

Everything has become more mobile, and CNC machining is no exception. The most recent advancement in CNC machining now includes mobile device alerts. The newly established automation technique has enabled users to link as many machines as feasible to a single system, which will alert users of the machine's state by email or phone. Another advancement is the inclusion of a user-friendly interface that allows consumers to understand and control the equipment.

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