Future Trends in Robotic Automation

Future Trends in Robotic Automation

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Robotic Automation

Robotic automation is a rapidly evolving technology. Industrial robots have become common in factory settings across the world in recent years. They are continuing to gain popularity for their productivity and profitability. Robots will continue to transform the world in various forms in the coming years also. The robotic automation trends playing crucial roles include

1. Robotics as-a-service ( RaaS):

 RaaS provides organizations an avenue for implementing automation into their processes with reduced risks of maintenance and upgradation. Unlike the traditional ownership model, RaaS allows paying a recurring fee to robot manufacturer to lease the machinery. 

2.Customizable Robots:

Parts of customizable or modular robots can be changed as tasks change. The creation of this design is difficult but is included the option of altering actuators to meet the requirements.

3. Home or Domestic Robots:

They are a type of service robots primarily used for household chores. Their application is in education, healthcare, and entertainment. Some of them can be connected to WiFi home networks or smart environments.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

With artificial intelligence and machine learning, robots are empowered to improve on their own, learn new techniques, and adapt in many ways. It can also help manufacturers perform preventive maintenance, as the robots will be able to alert an arising issue.

5. Robotic Arm:

This programmable mechanical arm has similar functions to a human arm. It is typically used for industrial applications. The major applications may include machine assembly, industrial spray painting, arc welding, and packaging. These applications can vary based on the sensors used in the robotic arm.

As the robotic industry matures, incorporating robots in business processes will be critical for accelerating the overall growth of the industry. Envisioning a world of incredibly intelligent and capable machines will revolutionize the way people live.

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