Growing Influence of IoT

Growing Influence of IoT

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, February 11, 2019

Growing Influence of IoT Internet of things (IoT) is not quite a new thing, and still, it constantly makes us curious with innovative solutions it can provide in all its applications like agriculture, healthcare, supply chain management, defense, education, retail, transportation, among the many.

IoT is a collection of internet-enabled devices with a unique identifier code which can send, receive data through a process called machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and act on data they acquire from their surrounding environments using sensors, processors and other communication hardware.


Influence of IoT in agriculture has provided innovative real-time solutions like precision farming, Drone pesticide spray, livestock monitoring, smart greenhouses and many more. IoT technology has provided crucial data to farmers about the weather, soil quality, quality of plant, which pesticides to use, moisture content in air and soil, amount of fertilizers to be used. This has enabled farmers to mitigate losses and yield high-quality crops.


Real-time monitoring of patients via connected IoT devices can save lives in the event of a medical emergency like heart failure, diabetes, asthma attacks, and other chronic health conditions. IoT has provided numerous solutions in healthcare like IoT medicine, glucose monitoring sensors, drug delivery and adherence, ingestible sensors. With these advancements, Doctors can track the health of patients in real time, share medical information, predict and diagnose patients with greater precision.

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Supply chain management

IoT enables the supply chain management sector to do real-time product tracking, warehouse and distribution management, ambience control (heating, lighting), tracking the location and speed of vehicles, register for maintenance whenever required. Equipment monitoring provides predictive maintenance information for potential breakdowns and costly disruption.


IoT has shown constant improvement by providing necessary tools to the military by leveraging technology. IoT has its strong influence in the military by providing battlefield situational awareness, proactive equipment maintenance, monitoring soldier’s health, remote training, fleet management solutions, inventory management, and many other factors.

IoT integrated with big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics has provided real-time solutions in almost every sector and will continue to do so.

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