Hankook Tire Collaborates with Tableau Software

Hankook Tire Collaborates with Tableau Software

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Hankook Tire partners with Tableau Software to improve its digital transformation for next-generation business intelligence.

FREMONT, CA: The world's largest tire company, Hankook Tire, is further pushing its digital transformation by collaborating with Tableau Software, the top analytics platform. Hankook will be prepared with advanced data analytics for next-generation business intelligence and an agile user experience framework through this alliance.

Hankook is undertaking the digitalization of its office through Tableau's data-driven analytics platform, taking the necessary steps to improve its digital skills further. Tableau facilitates data-based decision-making and visual analysis, recognized for its easy-to-use features such as Tableau Prep (intuitive drag-and-drop data handling) and the calculated field function that enables users to process data more practically.

Hankook created a standard database processing algorithm based on Tableau's software platform, allowing the aggregation of globally distributed data to speed up the decision-making process. Therefore, the functions of reviewing and documenting have been reduced, and more resources can now be spent from a market viewpoint to extract useful insights.

Hankook also aims to make developments more sophisticated and quicker while representing the changes and improvements demanded from appropriate teams in real-time. Hankook has already documented a real case where the development time has been reduced by 75 percent, depending on the time it takes to build the dashboard UI from Tableau after a prototype model for standard reporting to final use has been created.

"Through the partnership with Tableau Software, Hankook is redefining the way we work by bringing a whole new level of efficiency to data analysis and reporting," says Sooil Lee, President of Hankook Tire America Corp. "We are one step closer to securing a leading position in digital transformation. We will continue innovative changes to be fully ready for what future beholds."

Hankook aims to improve its standing as a global luxury brand by innovating the way it operates and expanding its digital capabilities. The Virtual Compound Design (VCD) framework, a predictive model for tire compound properties utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and the AI and digital sensor-based Automated Inspection Process, has been developed by Hankook. More recently, along with SK World, Hankook has jointly developed the Road Hazard Prediction & Detection Solution. The company is working with KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), one of Asia's leading science and technology universities, on future innovations and collaboration between industry and academia to accelerate digital transformation.

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