Henkel Adhesive Technologies Joins Circular Economy for Labels...

Henkel Adhesive Technologies Joins Circular Economy for Labels Consortium

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, February 15, 2021

Henkel Adhesive Technologies joins the global consortium toward a Circular Economy for Labels.

FREMONT, CA: Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a pioneering supplier of high-impact solutions in adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings, joins the global consortium toward a Circular Economy for Labels (CELAB). The consortium is dedicated to generating a more sustainable self-adhesive labeling sector. The organization brings together firms across the matrix and liner sector value chain, working together to address the extensive variance in production processes and recycling potential in different markets.

With CELAB, Henkel joins other pioneering companies to facilitate collaboration globally, foster regional efforts, and find and encourage the universal adoption of industry best practices. To truly rethink packaging and generate a viable circular economy, all must work together across the entire value chain. This is why the company became one of the first members of CELAB and is looking forward to working together with self-adhesive label manufacturers to align and engage the global resources.

CELAB will accelerate education and focus on regional options to promote material recycling for all components to enhance the sustainability of products. A consortium to develop recycling solutions was required. Brands are eager to transfer their commitment to sustainability in response to consumer requirements to mitigate their carbon footprint. With increased recycling potential gradually emerging from suppliers, producers, waste management, chemical recyclers, and others, people see the tremendous opportunity to facilitate partnership with partners up and down the industry’s value chain.

With regional groups in Europe and North America, CELAB will address the extensive difference in production processes and recycling potential in several markets. Various work streams will address matrix and release liner recycling, including analyzing technical problems, promoting recycling networks, communicating with government regulators, and educating the sector and public. Developed with consumers in mind, Henkels packaging adhesives provide high-impact solutions to enable fast-moving consumer goods firms to achieve efficient and reliable options. The products offer label solutions that assure secure and sustainable packaging for customers.

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