Here's How To Save Steel From Corrosion

Here's How To Save Steel From Corrosion

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, March 04, 2022

Corrosion-resistant plating is necessary for the metals because it can save the metal from alkalis, salt solutions, chemical hydrocarbons, solvents, ammonia solutions, and acids.

FREMONT, CA: In industries, corrosion has become a common problem, but the damage caused by corrosion requires the largest maintenance. To reduce the corrosion of metals, various methods are used to coat the metal. Sometimes anti-corrosion coating and plating are used with paint to ensure a long corrosion-free life. 

Here is a list of common coatings which can reduce the chances of corrosions:


It was common in the ’50s and ’60s; the bright shiny luster of chrome plating also provides excellent corrosion resistance. Due to its high nickel content, it is quite hard, which makes it hard to scratch. It was common in bumpers and latches because it adds surface hardness to the steel. On the other hand, Chrome is expensive to apply and has several nasty chemicals in its process. 


Zinc is thin and comes in a variety of colors. Due to its light texture, it doesn’t affect the size of the part it is put on. Zinc chromate or zinc dichromate both reflects the use of a hexavalent chrome solution, and also it is hard to scratch off. 

Phosphate and Oil

It is a dip made by combining zinc or manganese phosphate, followed by an oil soak. It makes the part dark grey in the process.

Hot Dip Zinc

A vat filled with molten zinc, and a galvanic charge is made, and the parts are dipped into that. Zinc can be applied like this before the piece is processed or after. It adds a thick coating to the part. It is commonly used to protect steel embedded in soil and concrete or submerged in water.


It has much better corrosion resistance, and it is thinner than zinc. It is a soft white metal, and it oxidizes away protecting the parent substrate. Cadmium is compatible with steel and aluminum and also and offers excellent lubricity. 

Black Oxide

Black nut in the black color is coated with black oxide. Unless coated with oil, it has little corrosion resistance. This process gives a uniform appearance in low.

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