How 3D Printing Ensures Environmental Sustainability

How 3D Printing Ensures Environmental Sustainability

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, October 23, 2020

Paper manufacturers are opening greener ways to leverage 3D printing in a sustainable way.  

FREMONT, CA: Paper manufacturers, while carrying out integral and essential processes that are critical to the missions of the manufacturing industry, leave behind a huge amount of lignin in the pile of scrap. Well, lignin is enormously important and is responsible for the factor rigidity that the plants would feature. But, this is only when this compound is in its natural form. The world does not have to really worry about this compound in the scrap because technology is becoming the new air for it to turn into an entity that can add value.

Top 10 3D Printing Solution Companies in APAC - 2019Technology experts and engineers who are working to explore the deeper level of the manufacturing landscape are coming up with a novel technique that can change this organic polymer from going waste to becoming a use case. Technology is enabling the lignin that is produced as waste as a result of a paper manufacturing process into the basis for a bio paste fit for the 3D printing to step on the ladder of going green.

There is a large number of technologies and techniques available in the market that have the complete potential in successfully recycling the lignin polymer, for it can be used in various other beneficial makings of products and processes. The modern paper manufacturing industry is looking to produce bioenergy as a byproduct. This mirrors the thought of reusing and recycling the lignin waste. The opportunities that technology opens are plenty and the manufacturing professionals are leveraging them in the most efficacious ways.

The lignin waste is majorly made of liquid crystals that are based on cellulose. Researchers found that these crystals have the potential to produce an enormous amount of strength. Hence, technologists realize that by tweaking the properties of the polymer even in a small amount, this bio paste can become more and more rigid, or even flexible depending on the application. Also, due to all the right reasons, the bio paste made of this compound organic polymer forms ideal for the process of 3D printing.

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