How Ballistic Protection and Equipment Market is Changing

How Ballistic Protection and Equipment Market is Changing

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The current trend in the ballistic equipment business sphere shows that the market mammoths are launching products with high power & lightweight characteristics.

FREMONT, CA: The modern battle arena has become an elaborate theatre of terrorization, forcing nations to supply their armed forces with newest instruments in consequence to swelling the defense budget. In effect, the global ballistic protection materials & equipment market is scheduled to collect hefty returns in the following years, on account of increased terrorism, mounting security concerns, and product design developments.

For instance, one particular country has recently made major increment in its defense spending. The state has disclosed plans to construct destroyers and ballistic missile interceptors, in a proposition to handle maritime disputes more adeptly. In unison with altering battlefield dynamics, the armed forces across the globe have been providing defense professionals with robust safety devices and equipment to safeguard them against treacherous surroundings.

Developments in the Defense Gears

One among the supreme ballistic equipment innovations of the modern age is the designing of a smart passive body armor made from nanostructures and rheological fluids. The new bulletproof vest uses the shear thickening fluid that changes its viscosity immediately when exposed to an external force, by solidifying and getting hard. Additionally, the fluid-based bulletproof vests also proffer properties like high comfort and easy wearability compared to conventional solid material based armors.

Furthermore, military organizations are also rethinking the requirements to assemble the needs of future forces. Ballistic defense gears are essential for protection against a varied range of ammunitions like the rifle and high-velocity bullet, knife, explosive fragments, and others. The raw materials used in their manufacture mainly comprise glass, carbon, and aramid fibers. Lately, there has been the launch of ballistic door panels that provide armed personnel supplementary protection from open fire when inside the vehicles.

Besides, the weatherproof panels can be positioned on both passenger and driver side doors and are enormously easy to install without any modification in the vehicle. As potential enemies pump up their combat inventories in the coming years, the surfacing of revolutionary defensive technology will be continued. The tools will be made capable of automatically sensing and neutralizing the incoming threats before the designated target is attacked.

The current trend in the ballistic equipment business sphere shows that the market mammoths are launching products with high power & lightweight characteristics. Besides, the features help in easy usability in various conditions. The example of user-centric equipment solution includes a ballistic helmet by a specific company, which is featured to be the lightest head protector available in the defense and law enforcement sector. The innovative design of the equipment lessens the weight while transcending the ballistic protection properties of the usual helmets. Moreover, the novel helmet also offers superior protection against a plethora of small fragments along with handgun bullets. Due to its flexibility and lightweight pad system, the headgear is comfortable to wear.

Based on the tools, ballistic protection materials and equipment market size have been separated into protective jackets, vests, helmets, shields, and others, including shoes and gloves. Defensive jackets and vests captured the largest share of the entire industry share in the preceding year, due to its increasing demand from defense & law enforcement and homeland security. The imminent trends are predictable to make an outstanding contribution to the overall ballistic market size in the upcoming years. In effect, the business for body armor for a military purpose will also observe a robust growth due to the high prominence on enhancing protection for ground troops and armed forces by the defense agencies.

Future Enhancement in the Defense Business

The presence of distinguished contenders differentiates the competitive setting of the universal ballistic protection materials and equipment market space. The market giants primarily count on growth strategies like capacity enhancement, portfolio augmentation, innovation, and mergers & acquisitions to expand their customer base and global reach.

Most organizations are setting up additional facilities to double their production and facilitate in serving the corporate and government clients better. Powered by the need to strengthen the war capabilities of defense forces, the products available in the market have instituted critical changes in terms of design, weight, utility, and comfort. Also, manufacturers in the business are capitalizing on their R&D assurance to expand innovative and pioneering products that can offer them an edge over the contest and fetch more revenues.

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