How Can Machine Learning be Implemented in Predictive Maintenance?

How Can Machine Learning be Implemented in Predictive Maintenance?

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Adapting ML solutions in PdM can assist industrial sectors significantly. The ML method is one of PdM's most important features, as it provides a smart gateway for future prediction relating to the healthiness of working equipment and/or instrument devices.

Fremont, CA: With the rising capacities of data collection methods, ongoing growth in research and development has created new intelligent solutions for decision making. Various industries were able to adopt new decision-making strategies due to this advancement, such as time segmentation, maintenance administration, and performance enhancement. Along with the rapid rise of cloud-integrated solutions and hardware solutions, Machine Learning (ML) algorithms practically impact decision-making approaches. Furthermore, implementing effective management systems for maintenance operations can reduce unexpected expenses associated with equipment failures and shutdowns.

Predictive Maintenance(PdM) uses a data streaming method from machine instrument devices (pressure, temperature, etc.) to assess the up-normal condition in machine behavior and then estimate the likelihood of defectiveness over time. The following phases can be used to construct ML modeling:

Data collection

The first step uses smart sensors to collect data from possible failing parts within the operational machine (such as bearings, rotors, and so on). Using a data collection that depicts the machine's state and activity throughout its lifecycle and records probable faults, the overall process could achieve better results. This method can aid data scientists in the development of PdM models.

Data analysis

The data streaming technique is integrated with machine processing parameters, such as setpoints, configuration, and historical data, to improve accuracy and better data prediction representation. These facts can be gleaned from a variety of sources, including the enterprise management system.

Data modeling

Data streaming does a detailed investigation to establish dependencies, as well as technical propositions related to likely failure indicators and the creation of specific behaviors for the anticipated failure.

Data prediction

Data modeling is largely used to detect faults and to construct machine learning algorithms as the foundation for predictive models. Before awarding final clearance for the prediction models, multiple stages for evaluating failure detection accuracy are included in data prediction.

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