How Can Manufacturers Secure IoT

How Can Manufacturers Secure IoT

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, September 03, 2020

IoT security has become the talk of the hour. See how the manufacturing industry is achieving it.

FREMONT, CA: The technology of the internet of things (IoT) has been proving to add a lot of efficacy to the manufacturing processes. The manufacturing industry is one of those that involve a lot of mechanical and manual efforts. While there is long series of technologies such as data analytics, automation, remote monitoring, artificial intelligence, and more, bombarding the floor of the modern factory, IoT is increasingly looked upon by the industry. With digitalization making strides in the manufacturing industry, IoT has the major role to play. Since almost every piece of information can be accessed by the manufacturing IoT system, the security of this technology is rising to the highest level of importance. Top 10 Shop Floor Solution Companies - 2020

How can a manufacturing firm ensure complete IoT security? Before we actually get to IoT security, let us talk a bit about what IoT has in its store to offer the factory. IoT is the core brain behind the reality of smart manufacturing. From reducing the time that is taken to carry out operations to cutting the costs involved to lessening the intervention of human beings to increasing the overall performance of the manufacturing industry, IoT has become more than essential in the market today. Since IoT has mastered the art of tracking the assets, streamlining the workflows, and more, the IoT systems are given access to the most confidential, critical, and sensitive data of the manufacturing firm.

In this light, the manufacturing industry is integrating IoT technology with high tech and reliable cybersecurity technology. A factory with IoT would mandatorily do a cybersecurity assessment that gives the firm an idea about the path that the data takes in an IoT environment. Also, by deploying intelligent risk analyzers, the manufacturing firm can prioritize its action plan according to the risk profile in terms of security of data.

Becoming even smarter, the manufacturing industry is looking to adopt and deploy security systems that have built-in retaliation algorithms and recover the lost or stolen data due to cybercrime or an attack.

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