How CIOs Can Improve Employee Output With Automation

How CIOs Can Improve Employee Output With Automation

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, September 09, 2019

Several industries are combining automation and new technologies into their operations; the results have been promising.

FREMONT, CA: When the work will be done in less time, it will reduce efforts and will increase productivity. Automation can help the industry to achieve the goal quickly by lowering labor costs and increasing output. Availability, reliability, reduction in costs, increased productivity, and performances are some of the benefits served by automation world.

The three ways in which Automation can help your business are:

1. Improve productivity: Using robots and other automated devices, one can smoothly accelerate the employer’s productivity. These robots will free up employees from repetitive and creative tasks by taking up basic business computing. These machines can learn and adapt more efficiently than most human workers. 

2. Reduce human errors: As automation technologies take up the burden of humans, it will also avoid many human mistakes. This process will make the business more efficient. 

3. Enhance ROI: When the machines replace humans, so there is very less need for workers. One can hire fewer employees and can pay less salaries and training, and can invest that on the automated machines. When there are less human errors, productivity will increase. It will reduce the average costs for the same work, and will enhance the ROI.

There are several ways to increase employee output through automation. Automating tasks frees up some of your time, which you can then spend on doing something more useful. Here’s how a CIO, with the right tools, can improve employee productivity with automation.

• No wastage of time: Time could be saved with the assistance of automation machines in several ways. The task for which humans took days, now tools can complete it within hours. Sometimes a lot of time is wasted when someone’s missing from the scheduled business meeting. The automation machines can send reminder text and can make announcements on TV, to ensure everyone’s presence on time.

• Reduce miscommunication: Automated technologies can reduce the miscommunication between the employees. Miscommunication can create many errors; there will be no room for human error and wastage of time if the machines will do the work. Automation has the power to carry out the right process at the right time.

• Boost motivation: If the CRM is integrated with the leader board, it will give an accurate report of every team member. By appreciating the employees according to their performance, one can quickly boost the efforts of employees.

• Automate message reading: Every day, the companies are bombarded with lots of relevant and irrelevant emails. Sometimes the relevant ones go unread, or not read in time. Existing technologies can deal with the issue by filtering the appropriate emails.

• Make deadline stick: With the help of a virtual dashboard, the team leader can easily set up deadlines for the team members. Setting up a time map will streamline the work and keep everyone in the loop via text if a task is running behind.

As several industries are adding and integrating automation and new technologies into their operations, the results have been promising. Automation has the potential to take various tasks like invoice creation, note-taking, form filling, email writing, accounting, and data sharing.



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