How Digital Technologies are Improving Supply Chain Management

How Digital Technologies are Improving Supply Chain Management

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, August 10, 2020

Supply chain is using digital technologies so that it can improve its entire system, starting from production to distribution.

FREMONT, CA: The digital technologies are continuously evolving, and manufacturers have more devices now to collect and translate the data that they require for better supply network visibility and to optimize the performance of the supply chain. Moreover, these latest technologies promise to offer the next-generation digital supply chain. 

According to the latest analysis, the companies will make a significant investment in the technologies and services that will help them to conduct digital transformation. 

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Many companies have started to utilize the Supply Chain 4.0 so that they can collect the data and process to recognize the trends. The information will help the companies to understand every element of the supply chain and enhance their decision-making process. It will also considerably improve their planning and response to the issues related to it. 

Data can become more usable and valuable if it is digitized and connected to other data points with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT) and analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI). The companies that are applying these technologies in their supply chain will witness a positive impact on it. 


It will become easy to optimize the supply chain with the help of IoT, particularly for the companies who have to collect data from several sources and measure the performance in real-time. Furthermore, in the entire process of manufacturing starting production to distribution, the IoT devices will offer real-time visibility. The manufacturers can even apply IoT sensors in every item of the supply chain so that they get accurate traceability and clarity of the finished goods. 


The supply chain can streamline their tasks by automating the processes. The digital suppliers and supply chain management solutions will allow the companies to accumulate and process real-time data automatically. Therefore, they do not have to follow the slow and time-consuming manual process of gathering and updating the data. 

Moreover, the automated procedures like robotics and radio-frequency identification (RFID) will help the supply chain professionals because instead of wasting time in some tedious work, they can focus on the critical work. Therefore, the digitalized technologies will not only decrease the operating costs but also enhance productivity. 

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