How Digitization is Empowering Manufacturers

How Digitization is Empowering Manufacturers

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The manufacturing sector has been on an operational excellence journey for the past three decades by embracing new technologies. Manufacturing is an excellent platform for innovation, and rapid digital advances mean manufacturers can achieve a new level of efficiency. Technology has moved forward with time and manufacturers must move with it.

The Shift

Business leaders have shifted their focus from working better to working differently. Modern industries are based on cloud-enabled, platform-centered, and data-driven ecosystems. A massive shift from a traditional linear model of supply, manufacture and distribute to a networked and connected model is taking place. In this model, all the data is in the cloud and open to the complete value chain, and if an event occurs in the supply chain, everyone can witness it and work on it simultaneously.

Employee Centric

Successful adaptation of technology and innovation boils down to people. Laser focus on employees is required. Employers must think regarding skills-based model rather than thinking regarding productivity gains through automation. The abilities of an employee must be judged according to the ability to deliver superior outcomes when working with a machine. 

Think Mobile

The combination of data and mobile technologies can help manufacturers bring forth the exact information in front of the right people. This process resolves intricacies quicker, smarter and helps in making more informed decisions. Power players and giant companies are working on the need to empower the employee at all levels through data. The employees can see the current state of the business and essential trends to stay informed and engaged.

The Steps to Digitization

Every business regardless of its size, shape or operating legacy can take simple steps to become a networked and digitized business. In the process, the organization must comply with customer and employee expectations. The organizations don’t have to start from scratch to digitize themselves. Here are the steps:

Migrate the data into the cloud and enjoy the benefits of the low-cost infrastructure the cloud offers. Encourage a work culture of continual learning and improvement, allowing all employees to test with new technologies. Employ new techniques to deliver excellent customer experiences rather than being cost-driven. Consider data to empower employees and look beyond asset management. Utilize mobile technology to make data and insights regularly available to employees.

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