How Does Shop Floor Control Help with Sustainability?

How Does Shop Floor Control Help with Sustainability?

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Shop Floor Control is intended to provide maximum transparency by monitoring, tracking, and reporting on labor-related compliance. This provides operators, supervisors, and owners with peace of mind.

FREMONT, CA: SFC is a collection of software and tools used to track, schedule, and report on work status in a manufacturing plant. Shop Floor Control, for example, generally evaluates the portion of an order or operation that has been completed. This percentage of work in process is useful for resource planning, inventory evaluations, and supervisor/operator productivity on the shop floor. Consider SFC data and how it can be used to improve efficiencies, ROI, accountability, and sustainability.

Shop Floor Control Information

Shop floor control systems typically evaluate material status, machine use, labor, and other resources. They also allow for the precise management of activities, resources, and workflows within the plant. This data can benefit manufacturing owners, supervisors, and even operators in improving shop floor operations, especially when integrated with an interactive, real-time Shop Floor Control system.

A Shop Floor Control system's data collection and reporting on labor, work progress, and production time can also increase worker productivity while decreasing throughput and cycle times. In addition to providing supervisors with information about worker productivity, real-time Shop Floor Control can benefit the operators themselves.


Sustainability is another advantage of shop floor control and transparency. The sustainability movement is gaining momentum in fashion and other industries. According to the latest survey, nearly two-thirds of respondents want and are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. These environmentally friendly products save energy and resources, are economically viable, and are safe and healthy for workers, communities, and consumers.

The increased demand for these products is causing a shift in manufacturing from longer to shorter runs and on-demand production. Understanding manufacturing processes can help shop floors streamline and modernize and provide retailers and consumers with the visibility to make the best decisions.

Manufacturing supervisors can use Shop Floor Control software to monitor the entire scope of shop floor control activities and immediately make better, more informed decisions – while there is still time to rectify problems and improve the operations that drive bottom-line results.

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