How IIoT is Enhancing Manufacturing Safety?

How IIoT is Enhancing Manufacturing Safety?

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, September 28, 2020

The manufacturing sector uses the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to increase their workplace safety. 

FREMONT, CA: The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is reforming how manufacturing companies work and increase their productivity while accomplishing better consistency levels and reduced error rates. Evolving technologies has also improved the safety procedure in manufacturing. However, while implementing new technologies into the safety programs, the EHS managers must consider some of the trends of IIoT. 

1. Combining IoT Sensors with Computer Vision

Several IoT setups in the manufacturing plants have sensors that can continuously collect data and help the managers to make better decisions. The IoT can also be utilized to track the trends that will help the executive understand the factors that are working well and where improvement is necessary. 

The demand for IoT sensors and computer vision has increased among the manufacturing companies as it promotes workers’ well-being. The objective of the computer vision is to function like the human brain and eyes. It can identify the differences among situations and environments and act accordingly. Many computer vision systems can screen data from the IIoT sensors to search for abnormalities in the system and stop the equipment to prevent risk. 

2. Workers with High-Tech Wearables

Several manufacturing workers wear protective devices like high-visibility vests and goggles depending upon their role. This equipment helps them to keep safe in the workplace. Many companies offer IIoT safety wearable to their employees to increase their visibility or monitor features like physiological data, posture, and noise. Wearable gadgets provide fall detection alerts or warn the employees about approaching collusions from heavy equipment. 

There are also connected safety glasses with augmented reality components available in the market. While utilizing them, people will get real-time feedback, which will help them follow safe working practices. The employees can have access to visual references about the complex process, call for support, and even look at the checklist with such glasses. Furthermore, the glasses also have voice-recording components so that the employees can document the procedures which they go through. 

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