How Industrial Automation is Helping the Manufacturing Industry

How Industrial Automation is Helping the Manufacturing Industry

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, August 13, 2020

Technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics will make the workplace safe and increase productivity in the manufacturing industry.

FREMONT, CA: With the evolution of technology and modernization of machines, it has become essential for the manufacturers to invest in industrial automation. The demand for technologies has augmented the competition as every company in the market is trying to offer customers products of better quality and low-cost. Therefore, for the manufacturers to profit, they have to reuse the waste that comes out from the processes and develop them into products keeping the quality and efficiency constant. 


If industrial automation is implemented accurately, then the industry can achieve various benefits.  Top 10 Manufacturing Packaging Solution Companies - 2020

• Reduced operational cost- The cost of labor can decrease with automation. It will also increase the quality of the products.

• Reduce the natural process of checking parameter- The automated process can monitor the manufacturing and even adjust the parameters of the process, as human labor is not required to perform tasks. 

• Flexibility- The manufacturers can quickly reconfigure the automated production machinery for various products, production run sizes, and product lines. 

• Increased productivity- Productivity will increase with automated processes so that it will increase flexibility and efficiency. 

• Product quality- The manufacturers can provide their customers with high-quality products consistently with the automated processes. 

• Simulation modeling- Industrial automation allows the manufacturers to replicate the new procedures in the virtual environment using tools like computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA). These tools help to recognize the problems and conduct the necessary adjustment required before production. 

• Safety- The jobs that are risky for human beings are easy for industrial robots to handle, so the workplace becomes safer for them. 

The market researchers are predicting that the automation development will increase soon. The manufacturing environment will be driven by advanced technologies like a wireless sensor network, robots, and artificial intelligence. Moreover, the workplace will also become safe for the employees working over them, increasing efficiency and productivity by keeping the product constant.

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