How is CNC Machining Better than Traditional Machining?

How is CNC Machining Better than Traditional Machining?

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems are a substantial part of modern machining technologies.

Fremont, CA: Currently, the CNC machines are popular with many manufacturers throughout the board for manufacturing and fabricating applications. The CNC and machine mechanism and tools are connected to a unique digital control system. The Numerical Control (NC) system consists of both software and hardware. Numerical control programs are a list of instructions guiding how the machine should work to process parts. The NC hardware goes through the program and informs the machine tool of the way to act. The traditional machining states that the operator controls all the movements of the machine tool. 

Advantages of CNC Machining

Economy of Labor

Top 10 Machine Vision Consulting/Services Companies - 2019The operator has to pay close attention and move each part of the tool in the traditional machine tools. As a result, one worker was only able to operate one machine tool. With the advent of CNC, this changed, and most of the pieces only take about half an hour to process during each setup. The CNC machine tool cuts without any help and the operator does not have to do anything. The tool automatically works, with the operator checking for errors in the setup or program. This situation means the operator gets free time between, which can be used to operate more tools. With one operator and several machine tools, manufacturers can save on hiring more people to work.

Reduced Test Runs

Traditional machining has a few test parts. If not acquainted with the technology, the operator might miss some things while doing the first part. CNC systems have various ways to avoid doing test runs. They use visualization systems that enable the operator to see what will happen after the tool passes are done.

Higher Machine Tool Flexibility

According to the traditional method, a milling machine made planes and groves; a lathe made tapers and cylinders, while a drilling machine drills holes. CNC machining combines the above in a single device compared to the traditional machines where a separate machine was needed. Since the workers can program the tools' trajectory, they can easily replicate whatever movement of their choice on any machine tool.

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