How Machine Vision Helps Manufacturer Thrive in the Industry

How Machine Vision Helps Manufacturer Thrive in the Industry

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, July 31, 2020

Machine vision will help manufacturers by enabling them to predict production flaws, improve quality, cut down costs, and achieve high productivity with automation.

FREMONT, CA: With rapid developments in many different areas, including imaging techniques, machine vision technology can benefit the manufacturing industry at many different levels. Machine vision technology has provided new application opportunities to manufacturers. Here are some significant use cases of machine vision in manufacturing and also the possible advantages that can be reaped by the sector. Top 10 3D Printing Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Predictive Maintenance

As manufacturing firms deal with large-scale production of goods and machinery, these pieces have to be monitored regularly to avoid equipment downtime. Manually inspecting each of them is not only time-consuming but also cost-prohibitive and error-prone. But manufacturers can use robots with AI and machine vision. Such robots can easily capture images of every equipment, and information about the equipment will then be sent to the cloud, where the analysis and processing take place. The data, after computation, will help manufacturers to gain meaningful insights on maintenance.

Inspecting Goods

For enhanced customer satisfaction levels, manufacturers must provide the highest-quality products to their customers. Product inspection and quality control are, therefore, crucial manufacturing activities. With machine vision systems, manufacturers can detect flaws, cracks, or any blemishes in a physical product. Besides, these systems can check for accurate and precise measurements of components or parts that are used while the product is being assembled. Information on faults will be sent to the concerned employees and can be taken care of timely.

Improving Safety

Keeping the manufacturing environment safe should be of prime concern for manufacturers. There is a need for manufacturing firms to strengthen their safety precautions and provide the best possible service. Machine vision can not only help manufacturers to streamline manufacturing activities but also enhance worker safety. Machine vision systems, with real-time image-processing capabilities, can gather pictures of the manufacturing plant, and it will contain valuable information on whether workers are in a hazardous and life-threatening situation.

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