How Material Handling Changes The Business Processes

How Material Handling Changes The Business Processes

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, October 14, 2019

The material handling industry has traditionally been male-dominated. The occurrence is being changed and will continue to change in the coming years as women are being hired to fill in all the roles of the industry.

FREMONT, CA: Today's economic climate has put immense pressure on businesses to achieve quicker returns on their investments, so that manufacturers research and develop new material handling the equipment. The issue is becoming increasingly vital as consumers want solutions that present not only a strong return on investment but do so faster than ever before.

On the other hand, the material handling industry is seen responding with new equipment, systems, and technology. The tools enable complete supply chain visibility, thus letting customers know how their investments are impacting the overall operation. The following are a few trends that are helping businesses to a new field of services.

Material Handling and its Significance in Businesses

The process of material handling involves moving, safeguarding, storing, and controlling all of the materials and products within the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal sectors. The method involves manual handling of products comprising semi-automated and automated systems.

The company's material handling system is significant for the success of the business. If the process is proficient and quick, it will help in strengthening the relationship with the customers by plummeting delivery times. Additionally, it can also help organizations in lowering operating costs, thereby overall reducing the handling times during manufacturing, delivery, and transportation.

The Material Handling Workforce Is Getting Old

One ongoing trend changing the material handling industry is that the workforce is aging, which is resulting in retirement by the workers. Thus, it has become difficult for many organizations to find skilled employees with the required experience to fill the vacant positions. Additionally, it also becomes essential for the industry to expand the horizons of the demographics to embrace workers, which conventionally are not found in the sector. The workforce can comprise of people such as disabled workers, veterans, women, and younger workers.

The Industry to See More Women in the Upcoming Years

The material handling industry has traditionally been male-dominated. The occurrence is being changed and will continue to change in the coming years as women are being hired to fill in all the roles of the industry. From research and development to the executive level, women are seen entering all the fields.

The Industry Will Continue to Develop as Online Shopping Grows

The rapid rise in e-commerce, particularly the popularity of online shopping, will drive the growth of the material handling industry. As a result, more consumers are switching to online shopping and, consequently, the need for handling, cataloging, and delivering the products purchased is increasing. Besides, following the rapid growth has also come the need to track shipments in real-time, from the instant when the client places the order until it is delivered.

Online Shopping Will Drive the Requirement for Faster Processing Methods

With most consumers switching to online shopping, there has also been a continual need to get their purchases to them quickly. Customers want what they have bought as quickly as possible. So, to remain competitive in the ever-growing market, businesses will need to develop the most competent and fastest material handling processes possible. Furthermore, consumers have come to expect the option of same-day or 2-day shipping, which implies businesses ought to have stock at multiple locations along with the aptitude of same-day processing. Thus, companies are racing to expand technologies that make all the features possible. Businesses will be looking to be more resourceful and reliable in all areas, including:

• Conveyor systems

• Storage and retrieval systems

• Picking and sorting

Robots and Automation and Robots Will Play a Prominent Role in Speeding Up Processes

The use of robots and the installation of automated systems will continue to help businesses speed up the material handling processes as demanded by consumers while keeping costs down. The price of buying and installing the computerized systems has come down in recent years, making them more reasonably priced to speed up the processes. Moreover, the advances in technology have also made the tools more resourceful to accommodate single-piece picking along with loading and unloading trucks at the pallet and carton level.

Also, it is historically noticed that those manufacturers who have failed to adopt new technologies have seen a trail behind their competitors. So, it is significant for companies to adopt digital solutions to accomplish their objective.

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