How New Motion Control Systems Help Manufacturing Enterprises

How New Motion Control Systems Help Manufacturing Enterprises

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The demand for the latest motion control system or motion products, like linear motion actuator, are constantly on the rise because of their reliability and efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: Motion control devices, like linear actuators, have been a fundamental part of various industries for a long time. With rapidly advancing technology, it is common that multiple types of motorized linear actuators are used. These tools are used for fitting into several kinds of electric motors to become capable, smarter, and more productive. Unlike traditional motor-driven devices, the latest models of motion control systems have witnessed immense development due to advanced motor technology.

The motion created by various mechanisms in a machine is collectively known as the motion control, and it might even consist of the linear actuator. The components that produce motion in a device are motor, linear actuator, controller, and a motor driver. Here are some of the trends that are driving motion control and motor industries. 

Augmentation of Brushless and Frameless Motors

Top 10 Motion Control Systems Solution Companies - 2020The demand for motion control devices implemented with frameless and brushless motors are gaining popularity because of the several benefits it offers to enterprises. 

Brushless Motors: The brushless motors do not have commutator contacts because it offers high-power-to-weight-ratio, low maintenance, and high speed. It is, therefore, making them accessible than the brushed motors.

Frameless Motors: The frameless motors consist of a rotor and a stator with permanent magnets and not have any endbells, shafts, and bearings. These motors can enhance the rigidity of the device.

Improved Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC):

The controllers offer appropriate control over the speed, torque, and acceleration. However, due to advancements in the PLC processing power, they can even efficiently manage their motion control tasks, thereby offering enhanced connectivity than the traditional parts that were used. 

Compact Sized Motor Drives: 

The demand for compact-sized motors has increased because they have the processing power and onboard memory. These powers help them achieve more functions than just provide current to the engine. The driver can also detect any operational defects and clear congestion with it. 

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