How Robotics Accelerates Semiconductor Production

How Robotics Accelerates Semiconductor Production

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Deploying robotics technology across the semiconductor manufacturing unit creates new opportunities to achieve high production rates at a lower cost.

FREMONT, CA: Semiconductor manufacturing involves complex operations. But the emerging technologies are playing a vital role in enhancing the production of semiconductors. Among various technologies, robotics plays an essential role in automating semiconductor manufacturing processes. Complex assemblies and small parts develop flexible robotics, an ideal solution for the continuously emerging semiconductor manufacturing market.

Semiconductor manufacturers require speed and flexibility to tap into a market segment before consumers understand the change benefits. Using robots makes it easier for semiconductor manufacturers to manage small parts. This enables the production line to move fast across the industry. In semiconductor manufacturing, stimulating silicon wafers at high speeds without causing any damage is the priority task for robots to perform. As wafer size increases, such tasks become more challenging. Robotics technology holds the potential to meet such requirements without causing damage to elements.

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Vision-enabled robots also play a vital role in the evaluating and testing of semiconductors for delivering assurance that they are performing their job accurately. Robotic inspection and testing are essential applications in semiconductor manufacturing. Installing high-resolution cameras is an important step for semiconductor manufacturers as it deals with many small and fragile parts. Only high-resolution cameras can precisely locate these parts and investigate their particular features. Robots are also used frequently in the assembly and testing of silicon wafers in the field of manufacturing semiconductors.

Today, the semiconductor industry has moved the production to low wage countries, and robots outfitted with the vision systems that can help in bringing semiconductor manufacturing back home, along with some employment opportunities related to it. Intelligent robotics integrated with vision enables semiconductor manufacturers to overcome hard automation and tooling, which were essential for the manufacturing of semiconductors. As robots become intelligent, precise, and faster, their role in the manufacturing of semiconductors will increase across the globe. The value of this change can be experienced by witnessing an increased production rate at a much lower price.

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