How Rugged Devices Streamline Manufacturing Operations

How Rugged Devices Streamline Manufacturing Operations

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 22, 2019

Rugged devices can provide manufacturing firms with a mobile and robust proposition that helps them ease works, and reduce costs by limiting the amount of breakage, repair, or productivity loss.

FREMONT, CA: Factories and warehouses involve harsh working environments, and any innovation adopted by the manufacturer will face the inevitable falls and hits. Rugged handheld devices are designed to take anything that can be thrown at them by manufacturing. Essentially, these devices can be used by manufacturers to deliver greater efficiency. Below is a closer look at why many companies invest more in rugged technology.

Recording Inventory

Warehouses are usually filled with essential inventories that need to be dynamically ordered. This can be a challenge in achieving the required level of inventory control with paper records, but it can be made easier by rugged handheld devices. Staff can use rugged handheld devices with scanners at all stages of the manufacturing process to accurately record the whereabouts of inventories. Data is transferred to a computer system by checking inventories and made available instantly, enabling the manufacturer to track everything in real-time.

Keeping Track of Maintenance

The smooth running of manufacturing machinery is essential to the efficiency of the company. But it's a minefield to keep track of maintenance work and scheduled repairs with pen and paper. The maintenance team can use secure handheld devices to access up-to-date system data and task lists wherever they are, and the same information within the manufacturing environment will be accessible to supervisors and others, allowing everything to work in harmony. Better communication and harmony means reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Enhanced Visibility

Manufacturing involves different stakeholders that require accurate inventory and order information. The manufacturer can have full control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, with workers checking continuously at various touchpoints. Rugged handheld devices allow manufacturing workers access to equipment data while increasing the visibility of maintenance schedules that can affect workflow. This type of clear visibility helps to run processes smoothly.

Manufacturers need to empower operations with rugged devices to help staff and equipment stay productive and coordinated.

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