IIoT driven Efficiencies would be Significantly Advantageous to...

IIoT driven Efficiencies would be Significantly Advantageous to Manufacturers

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, May 13, 2019

Industrial IoTGlobally, businesses recognize more and more the advantages of industrial IoT and commit themselves to digital transformation through IoT. IIoT headlines its ability to improve the operation of organizations in many fields. Engineers and managers in various industries are discovering ways to enhance IoT systems efficiency. As of today, IIoT Giant Accenture has predicted to add 14.2 trillion dollars to the world economy by 2030 on the industrial Internet of Things.

Data collection from equipment is now easier than ever, since we now have access for managers, to IoT monitoring platforms to track and analyze Wifi-connected temperature monitoring, vibration sensors, and other remote sensors. Since sensors can become small enough for wearable and stick-on devices and cannot be linked to wired systems any longer, the data collection and efficiency monitoring for the production plant is no longer limited. Any organization with IIoT monitors can track efficiency through the collection and analysis of availability, performance and data quality.

OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness) enables managers to measure efficiency, monitor time changes and determine whether adding, replacing or repairing equipment is cost-effective. Real-time sensor-based alerts can reduce production problems or help prevent them. The examination of data which contribute to the problem can also help to find what went wrong and identify ways of preventing a recurrence. Real-time data also enables predictive maintenance to assess whether a machine needs service or fails and requires replacement.

The analysis of IIoT data and other datasets provides more possibilities for efficiency gain. The Markham City of Toronto has established a creative city-based research partnership that involves storm drain monitoring and environmental and moisture monitoring to streamline operational planning. Wearable monitors in agriculture assist cattle farmers in breeding their cattle in good time and early detection of health issues to maximize their productivity and income.

Although the IIoT drives the operational efficiency of the OEE and other efficiency activities would still be significantly advantageous to manufacturers, saving money, resources and time while providing more and better products. Data based efficiency and improvements in efficiency can have a significant impact beyond plants, pastures or the hospital: better living standards for urban residents, better use of public agencies' taxpayer money, healthier patients and more food to grow the world. Everything begins with the data that the IIoT offers us the ability to gather and analyze to make the most out of equipment.


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