Impact of 3D Printing in the Eyewear Industry

Impact of 3D Printing in the Eyewear Industry

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Starting from kids to older people, several individuals with the challenge of vision depend on eyewear.  People depend on eyeglasses not because they cannot function without it; also, they love to enjoy fashionable glasses to uplift their outer appearance. The uniqueness of the lens depends on the glass manufacturers. The emergence of 3D printing has opened diverse opportunities to pick up zillions of frames. Many glass manufacturers use 3D printing in eyeglasses.

3D printing glasses have initiated a fashionable path in the eyecare industry. The famous lens manufacturer Lenskart has attempted a revolution in selling 3D printed glasses to attain growth in the eye care industry. It allows the customers to have a trial version of the 3D printed glasses. The trial version by Lenskart brings an innovative approach to attract the customers.

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As 3D printing is new to the landscape, customers find zillions of eye frames that change their outlook. Unlike traditional eyewear manufacturers, 3D printing eyewear enables the user to enjoy different fashionable frames that suit their style. Also, eyeglasses manufacturing involves any material including plastic, metal, glass, and alloy with different colors. Lenskart has invested $500,000 in California-based startup ThinOptics in order to bring about a revolution in reading glasses market. Many eyeglass manufacturers like Kite have involved in providing eyeglasses with perfect measurement. The handheld scanner in many eyeglass companies scans the head and the face of the customer. It suggests the best eye frames that suit their head and face shapes. Some accurate handheld scanner scans the distance between the pupils, head, nose width, and ear positioning. The precise measurements help in providing the perfect eyewear to the customers.

The users of 3D glasses experience more comfort than the users who use traditional eyewear. Choosing the right pair of eyeglasses is not a daunting task. Technology has let people enjoy different sorts of purchase using many online applications. The usage of 3D printing glasses allows the manufacturers to build high-quality glasses and make them available to consumers at an affordable cost.

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