Impact of IoT on Manufacturing

Impact of IoT on Manufacturing

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

As digital tools advance, so do industries. The advent of IoT in manufacturing is a great innovation. The changing expectations of the customer and the increased demand for goods are the prime reason to increase supply and production. The IoT vendors have provided an ideal solution for manufacturers. Today IoT is taking over the market. Why is the internet of things so impressive? It is nothing but smart manufacturing with improved performance, services, safety along with better insight into customer preferences and behavior.

The IoT manufacturing applications include

1. Intelligent manufacturing
2. . Asset management
3. Optimized process
4. Planning
5. Monitoring
6. Machine-human interaction
7. Cyber-physical systems

The IoT equipment designed for manufacturing is installed with IoT sensors. These sensors play a crucial role in manufacturing. The data collected by IoT devices provide valuable insight into manufacturing performance which is important for global customer satisfaction. With IoT, approach manufacturers enhance their service and provide improved products and better quality. Better and faster production with increased customer satisfaction will lead to an increase in overall productivity. Therefore the collective advantage of IoT investment in manufacturing includes

1. The connection between manufacturers and machine
2. Deeper insight into the manufacturing process
3. Data analysis helping in better decision making
4. Automation enabling enhanced workflow and optimized production process
5. Enabled equipment management and that too from any remote location
6. Better overview of power consumption is provided by sensors
7. Reduced downtime
8. Better product quality
9. Decreased risks of human error
10. Improved safety
11. Cost prevention
12. Improved customer experience and satisfaction
13. Machine assessment to determine repair

Today majority of organizations are already using these IoT devices to enhance productivity. Therefore the concept of IoT seems to fit with the manufacturing industry.

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