Importance of Robots in Injection Molding

Importance of Robots in Injection Molding

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, December 17, 2020

It’s no surprise that robotic automation provides several benefits for injection molding.

FREMONT, CA: As in any other manufacturing operation, robotics and automation are significantly involved in injection molding and bring considerable advantages to the table. According to statistics, the number of sold injection molding machines armed with robots rose from 18 percent in 2010 to almost a third of all injection machines sold 32 percent by the first quarter of 2019. There is a mega change in attitude in this trend, with a respectable number of plastic injection molders adopting robots to get ahead of their competition. Here are the top advantages that robots offer to the plastic injection molding industry.

• Seamless Operation

The robots used in injection molding processes are seamless to set up and quite simple to use. Once connected the robots to the network, the next step is to program the instructions into the robot to do the work it’s supposed to do and accurately fit in the system.   In many cases, companies try limiting the use of robotics to their companies mostly out of ignorance that the robots will be challenging to use and that there will be extra expenses to hire a programmer to manage the robotics. That is not the case once the robots are well integrated into the injection molding system.Top Plastic Technology Solution Companies

• Perpetual Work

Injection molding is a repetitive task that assists in manufacture similar products for each injection. To ensure that this monotonous activity does now wear down the employees, making them prone to making work-related errors or even harming themselves, injection molding robots present the perfect remedy. The robots help to automate the work and practically take it away from the hands of a human. This way, the company can keep producing its products with machines' help and focus their employees on generating sales and increasing revenue.

• Return on Investment

Reliability, repeatability, astounding speed, the possibility of multi-tasking, and cost savings are all key reasons why one should opt for a robotic injection molding solution. Numerous plastic components manufacturers are finding the capital cost of robot armed injection molding machinery far more affordable, which helps justify the return on investment. Being able to manufacture round the clock increases productivity and, consequently, the profitability of the business.

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