Integrated Graphene Rolls Out Revolutionary Flagship Product

Integrated Graphene Rolls Out Revolutionary Flagship Product

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, December 24, 2020

Integrated Graphene launches a revolutionary flagship product under new face Graphene.

FREMONT, CA: Integrated Graphene launches revolutionary flagship product under new face Graphene is the much-lauded and exciting wonder material set to allow the next generation of advanced technologies, and the Stirling-based outfit, Integrated Graphene is ready to release their first graphene-enhanced product. The release of their flagship 3D Graphene Foam electrodes coincides with the company's rebranding to signal their transition to commercialize their revolutionary 3D Graphene operation in their first product, Gii-Sens.

Integrated Graphene is taking its hyper-sensitive 3D Graphene Foam electrodes to the Human Diagnostics industry to allow biosensors with the performance to bring laboratory tests to the point of requirement, enabling quick testing. As a spin-out from their R&D origins, they can leverage their experience of working with diagnostics manufacturers with a complete suite of assay and device development services.

Fortunately, their novel manufacturing process, Integrated Graphene, is positioned to fulfill the graphene promise across industries with a product ready to meet the industry requirements, meaning the possibilities are infinite. Today, they hope that the flagship graphene product, released in conjunction with the latest Integrated Graphene brand, will mark the first steps on an interesting commercial journey that will see them establish themselves as the world's leading producer of pure 3D Graphene Foam. 

The company believes they are primed to capitalize on a huge desire for a market-ready application of Graphene to enable the next generation of technologies.  The company is launching a limited supply of its electrodes to the market to ensure a more tailored experience as it offers exclusive access to its customer services team, providing customers get the best experience of using Gii-Sens.  A full-scale commercial launch is scheduled for early 2021. Most Graphene solutions on the market presently aren't truly graphene.

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