Interesting Facts About the Motion Control Systems

Interesting Facts About the Motion Control Systems

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 06, 2019

 Motion Control SystemsFREMONT, CA: Motion control is a sub-field of automation that encompasses a lot of industries. The technology provides advanced machine functionality and serves as the core element for automated equipments.

The global motion control system market will make a revolutionary growth from 2018 to 2023, according to some recent surveys. It is underlining the assumption that motion control technology will continue to play a significant role in driving industrial manufacturing in the upcoming years.

Here are some interesting facts about the motion control systems as they expand and evolve...

The Motion Control Market is on the Brink of A Technological Revolution!

In 2015, the motion control market was worth $15.65 billion, a value that is steadfastly increasing and might touch $22.84 billion by the end of 2022. The critical factors that have contributed to this growth are the metal and machinery manufacturing industries and the large-scale automation adoption by the organizations of all sorts. The industry players that strive to improve speed, accuracy, and production has fostered the growth of motion control system in a major way.

The other impetus behind the stunning performance of the motion control market are the massive investments in this sector by appropriately recognizing the potential of the technology, as well as the increasing number of projects by the manufacturing companies and the rising concerns on the industrial safety along with the qualitative output.

The Inevitability Of motion control systems in daily life

We can’t imagine a day without gears and motors. Motion control systems such as dc gear motors run everything, from lifts to public transport buses and cranes to coffee-making machines, used in city offices. Motion control systems are widely used in escalators, in vehicles, and for automating the industrial processes. Throughout the industries, more and more organizations are adopting the motion control technology to gain efficiency, efficacy and assembly margins.

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