IoT, Smart Solutions for Everything

IoT, Smart Solutions for Everything

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

IoT, Smart Solutions for Everything

IoT is a network infrastructure that connects virtual or physical things that can capture and communicate data.

 There are many applications of IoT not only business infrastructure but also in almost every crucial part of humankind.

In everyday life IoT has provided simple yet intelligent solutions like a smart toothbrush to improve oral health, fitness trackers to reach fitness goals, child or pet finder with real-time locating devices, infant monitoring, smart gardening, climate predictions and even smart shoes which can change colour with a tap on the smartphone.  

Smart homes

A  home that contains a communication network that connects different appliances of a house like a tv, security cameras, doors, temperature optimizers, speakers, refrigerators, washing machines, water supply, lights among the many to be remotely controlled, monitored and accessed through a smartphone or computer is Smart Home. This technology provides real-time data of the house and helps in monitoring pets, infants and save energy consumption.

Smart cities

IoT, when applied on a significant scale like on a city, can help solve numerous everyday problems like traffic congestion, reliable public transportation, energy-efficient buildings, improve public safety, water conservation, pollution monitoring, automated driverless cars, improved healthcare, improved security and privacy in cities.

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Smart agriculture 

IoT can help farmers in real-time livestock monitoring, crops spraying, seeds planting, crops scanning, accurate climate prediction, soil scanning, water, sunlight, humidity, temperature management, automatic water sprinkling, precision agriculture, cost management, increased efficiency, increased volume and quality of crops. With all this information farmers can meet up with the challenge of the growing population.


Healthcare has dramatically benefited by IoT with solutions like IoT medicine, glucose monitoring sensors, drug delivery and adherence, ingestible sensors, depression monitoring, coagulation testing, asthma monitoring, closed-loop insulin delivery and also in cancer treatment. It also eased sharing crucial medical information accessible to take precise and accurate decisions to save lives.

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