IoT to Merge With Robots for Technical Leap

IoT to Merge With Robots for Technical Leap

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) and robot are two revolutionary technologies that have made a significant impact on the human lifestyle. On the one hand, IoT devices exchange information over the network to ease and comfort human life within homes and offices such as smart-watches, fitness wearable, voice-controlled devices, and temperature sensors. On the other robots have impacted the workflow at assembly lines in factories, inventory management system, and also are being used now outside the factory premises. Both the technologies have their capabilities and roles to perform, but if these technologies are combined, an artificial intelligence joins them the outcomes can be incredible. Experts believe that fusion would colossal and bring breakthroughs in the industry.

Smart Homes and Environment

Combining IoT with robots would result in a smart mobile assistant that will not just monitor devices and machines but will also gather information from its environment and respond accordingly. Such robots can also be helpful for old ones in case of emergency; they would make calls to other residents and hospitals and might even be able to provide the required first-aid. With the help of artificial intelligence, these fusions would also be able to deliver the premises both physical and cyber security at the same time. Virtual visits, controlling room temperature, remote operations, and various other scenarios could be the reality of tomorrow.

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In the Business

Similar opportunities are available for IoT enabled robots in the business sector as well. These robots can be deployed in the fields and offshore to monitor the devices, detect faults and repair them to maintain an unhindered workflow. Operating in conditions and places not fit for humans like deep sea levels, extreme cold areas, and various others would be plain sailing for these robots. Organizing meets, conducting interviews, assisting and monitoring workforce could be few of the in-office applications supported by IoT-robots.   

Experiments and researches are being carried out in the direction to achieve a fully functional and feasible module of IoT-Robots enabled with the power of artificial intelligence to raise the technical standards to new heights and comfortability for humans.

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