Is Additive Manufacturing the New Favorite for the Manufacturing...

Is Additive Manufacturing the New Favorite for the Manufacturing Industry?

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 08, 2020

From speeding up prototype development to identifying popular product design across the market, additive manufacturing delivers all-around solutions.

FREMONT, CA: The manufacturing industry has massively benefited by the emerging technologies and experienced transformation in the ways of working. Recently, additive manufacturing has gained huge popularity across the market. The advancements in additive manufacturing, equipment, and materials result in the reduction of costs, making it a more reasonable option across the manufacturing plants. The additive manufacturing not just makes an impact at the consumer level, but it slowly change the ways of manufacturers' design, prototype, and produce.

Additive manufacturing gains importance in the manufacturing processes. The designing and rapid prototyping are two of the significant processes that benefit from additive manufacturing. The additive manufacturing production capabilities continue to increase as time passes. Additive manufacturing holds the ability to reduce the time and cost required to deliver a viable product at every phase of the manufacturing. As additive manufacturing is a more flexible technology, manufacturing design professionals can experiment with the existing structures and successfully create products, including complex geometric shapes.

In recent years, additive manufacturing has proven to reduce the time to create a working prototype of a particular product. Cost-effective and rapid prototype development boosts product development and reduces costs across manufacturing. With additive manufacturing, several models of various product designs can easily be developed to test and collect feedback, helping manufacturing companies determine the best model in lesser time.

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