Is Work Instruction Software the Tool to Digitally Model...

Is Work Instruction Software the Tool to Digitally Model Manufacturing?

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Standard work and work instruction training software are helping manufacturers achieve digital transformation goals.   

FREMONT, CA: Manufacturing has always been an industry that harnesses technology in order to deliver greater efficiency and productivity. With a focus on achieving a new level of automation that integrates any or all parts of manufacturing, manufacturers are looking for solutions that help them realize their digital transformation goals. To help manufacturing firms with this, a California-based software company, Dozuki, in collaboration with 3M, is bringing the standard work and work instruction training software to manufacturers of all sizes.   

Dozuki is building exceptional software to assist manufacturers in tackling challenges like speeding up job training, sharing knowledge across teams, and engaging a younger workforce. The company is ramping up its product development and market outreach efforts through partnerships. By building a collection of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), digital forms, and training materials, Dozuki enables factory operations to perform work consistently to the company quality standards, enhance training with on-demand resources including videos and guided process walkthroughs and communicate in real-time across shifts, teams, and factories. Dozuki continues to develop its conventional work software to offer manufacturers the capability to deploy a continuous enhancement culture and empower its workforce.

Industry 4.0 gives the manufacturing industry a digital makeover. It's essential for manufacturers to keep in mind that the starting point for the path to Industry 4.0 will be the deployment of a next-generation and secure technology solutions that can support manufacturing operations. Dozuki is the right fit for manufacturers, which offers a software platform to deploy standardized procedures in support of their continual improvement efforts and training efforts. The company's software powers the electronic documentation for companies all over the world. This innovative approach from the company is making digital transformation and employee training convenient for operations of each size by providing an easy to use intuitive interface.

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