ISRA Vision Aquires Photonfocus AG

ISRA Vision Aquires Photonfocus AG

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, March 26, 2020

The integration of ISRA Vision and Photonfocus AG will enable quick progress and strong turnover for smart factory automation, accelerating business growth and quality revamp.

FREMONT, CA: ISRA VISION, a supplier of optical solutions for 3D machine vision and surface inspection, has completed a further acquisition. ISRA VISION has unveiled the addition of Swiss-based Photonfocus AG, furthering the company’s portfolio.

Founded in 2001, Photonfocus has specialized in CMOS sensors and industrial CMOS cameras. The products of Photonfocus are used worldwide in industrial vision, optical metrology, 3D inspection, and hyperspectral imaging. High-speed cameras, line-scan cameras, camera finder, hyperspectral cameras, board-level cameras, 2D cameras, 3D cameras are some of the products of Photonfocus.

ISRA will introduce Photonfocus sensor technologies and integrated intelligence to their products. These new products will tap into new market potential. This move will strengthen their offering for customers seeking to automate production lines and implement smart factory processes. The collaboration with Photonfocus will help in expanding the business with Industry 4.0 components and embedded products.

Technology has a high impact on industries. Smart factories are run by machinery and equipment through automation and self-optimization.

ISRA has been developing sensor chip designs for industrial image processing with high-speed demands based on a modular architecture. With the current developments, the company can use 3D technology for industrial applications and hyperspectral sensors. 

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The smart factory is built of automation of factory floors, M2M, robotics working 24 hours, seven days a week, and remote operations of components.  Sensors, switches, motors, and other gadgets connect the factories.

The benefits provided by the smart factories include increased operational efficiency, accelerate the speed of innovation, integrates IT systems & analytics, decentralises control of production, offer seamless digital networks, cost reductions for sourcing and supply networks, and improving the quality by detecting defects.

Today, several companies are revolutionized with digital technology; automated machines are replacing humans in some places. Smart factories are employing tools with techniques.

ISRA Vision has purchased Photonfocus at a high cost higher than its annual turnover. As an industrial expert in the strategic areas of hardware and software development, ISRA Vision is expecting substantial future turnovers. ISRA is strengthening its position in the market by expanding and amalgamating with innovative companies.

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