Jabil Unveils Blue Sky Center to Strengthen the Value Chain Ecosystem

Jabil Unveils Blue Sky Center to Strengthen the Value Chain Ecosystem

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Jabil, a provider of design engineering, manufacturing and supply chain services unveils a design and demo facility to serve as a research and development (R&D) hub - Blue Sky Center, reports Kathy Chin Leong for Fast Company. The products developed at the Blue Sky Center will cater to a wide variety of companies in healthcare, IoT (Internet of Things), retail, printing, and energy sectors.

The Jabil Blue Sky Center will help customers engineer growth and establish market leadership in an environment of rapid change.  Blue Sky Center displays cutting-edge technologies such as automation, product design, intelligent digital supply chain and the Internet of Things. The Jabil Blue Sky Center leverages collaborative spaces for creating, cultivating and incubating new ideas from vision to prototype to global manufacturing.

The company says that the advanced technological center will elevate engagement with customers, partners, prospects, existing employees and the industry on the whole. It enables leaders in engineering, science and manufacturing to leverage powerful and global resources of Blue Sky Center.

Tapping into some of the most powerful technology, the inControl at Blue Sky Center provides real-time reporting, analysis and modeling to amplify a business leader’s decision-making toolset.

Blue Sky Center also features an IoT Lab which provides a breathtaking example of how digital and physical worlds collide to boost the trajectory of humankind. The IoT Lab embodies a vision for the not-too-distant future where everything imaginable will be intelligently connected.

The Blue Sky Center also hosts an Automation Lab, which provides a glimpse into some spectacular examples of an intelligent factory. The lab showcases efficiency and precision of automated processes to 3D printing prototyping capabilities. It consists of intelligent collaborative robots.

The Supply Chain Command Center can predict and proactively deal with issues and opportunities across vendors globally on a 24/7/365 basis in real-time It includes full SMT (surface-mount technology)  lines to populate PCBs (printed circuit boards), clean rooms, and labs for specialized soldering, materials characterization, mechanical characterization and destructive analysis.

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