Leadership in the AI Era

Leadership in the AI Era

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

leadership in the AI era

The astounding rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) during the past years enabled the growth of the business world. AI and machine learning are anticipated to reshape almost all sectors including manufacturing, energy management, urban transportation, agricultural production, labor market, and financial management. But only a successful and careful cultivation of AI can offer the leadership.

Research says military services are largely investing in AI and other emerging technologies for better performance. For instance, the US military has created a new Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) to oversee service and defense agency AI efforts. Apart from that The National Science Foundation (NSF) and DARPA also have announced initiated investments in AI for advanced contextual and adaptive learning. There signals toward the industrialization of AI in countries like China, expertise in factory machinery, electronics, infrastructure, and renewable energy.

The coherent national strategy with commercial capabilities of the country creates a global leadership. The AI-driven innovations of China include autonomous vehicles, advanced medical equipment, robotics, and financial technologies. The country expects to widen the industrialization of AI by leveraging massive data and rapid prototyping. The internet economy of China is generating vast data that leverages speed, execution and product quality, especially for financial organizations.

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With an efficient planning model, China is inventing a kind of 'technonationalism', redefining western capitalism. While the US retains the technology dominance in AI, resources are fragmented and national leadership is weak. The government has introduced a national security commission to assess how Defense Department can leverage machine learning and AI for national security that is lacking the coherent national vision.

What is obvious here is that western countries are in need of new multiple level leadership for a high tech global society. That can definitely draw a compelling vision of younger, smarter and a technology literate world.

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