Leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) to Create Smart Working Environments

Leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) to Create Smart Working Environments

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, April 19, 2019

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the main actors of the new tech revolution, industry 4.0. Creating a technology-enriched reality by appending the natural environ with computer-simulated perceptual data forms such as audio, video, and graphics, AR technology has been driving the business world towards adopting and realizing digitally encoded information. This technology superimposes reality with enhanced object dynamics, which combines voice services, giving it a wearable tech outline. The utility spectrum of augmented reality is no more confined to fields related to amusement, gaming, and recreation; core industrial processes are now the principal beneficiaries of AR technology.      

Enabling the factories and other workplaces to design digital strategies based on the workflow and operations, AR-driven intelligent monitors serve businesses with reliable business management applications. With these AR-based management tools, managers can overview the processes, and gain complete visibility of the workplace without physically visiting it. To add on, AR’s responsive tools and components offer sophisticated training and maintenance opportunities. Modern AR products including industry-specific digital models create software blueprints of the processes by cloning the physical assets. This dynamic model acts as a self-training tool helps the employees optimize their performance by delivering AR experiences, which enables the workforce to learn the operation of new and advanced machinery.

AR adds value to the industries by improving their productivity. AR technology introduces real-time characteristic reporting features, which connect the warehouse data to the object or product’s location and extract the required information. This technique does not only reduces human efforts and costs incurred, but it also minimizes the time taken and hence, lets the workers focus on achieving other goals related to productivity. Expanding its functionality into remote monitoring and visibility areas, AR supports continuous tracking capabilities, round the clock.

With the best-in-class solutions offered by the augmented reality, investors find it highly worthy of investing in AR technology. Designing a practical roadmap to attain business sustenance and excellence AR technology makes way for fruitful returns.          

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