Leveraging augmented Reality for Improved Manufacturing Processes

Leveraging augmented Reality for Improved Manufacturing Processes

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Augmented reality (AR) is still unexplored. Although the technology has been widely popular in gaming and recreation industries, many industries like manufacturing have not been able to embark AR technology to its full effects. The technology has the potential to transform the manufacturing industry with various innovative features. Listed below are the few ways in which AR technology can prove to be an asset for manufacturing companies:

Management of Data: Data has become highly imperative for the success of an organization. Manufacturing companies use data to gain insights into their products and services. AR tools can be an effective data management tool with various efficient features. Manufacturing companies can use AR tools along with cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain information about a product in their warehouses, helping them to store as well as analyze the product's data.

Equipment Maintenance: The implementation of AR tools can transform the production floor of a manufacturing company. Various AR tools offer facilities like a robotic integrator program that facilitates preventive and predictive maintenance of the equipment in a manufacturing company. An effective predictive maintenance solution will allow manufacturing companies to reduce machine failure.

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Improve Local Deliveries: Logistics is one of the major concerns for manufacturing companies. Manufacturing companies incur a significant monetary loss because of inefficient logistics. AR tools can help manufacturing companies in local deliveries. These tools allow companies to identify, tag, and sequence each item in a truck, helping them to track any item with cost-effective measures.

Training: Manufacturing companies have a lot of training materials for new employees. AR tools can offer interactive measures to train employees. These tools can broadcast critical information in a much more coordinated way than the traditional techniques with the help of headsets and gears.

Quality Assurance: AR tools can help manufacturing companies to check the quality of their products against the company’s specifications with the help of innovative features. The AR tools scan the product entirely to check for any quality issues.

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