Lomiko Investment SHD Smart Home Devices Ltd Wins a New US Patent...

Lomiko Investment SHD Smart Home Devices Ltd Wins a New US Patent Approval for (IOT) Power Hub Receptacle

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The United States Patent and Trademark Office awards SHD Smart Home Devices Ltd., a subsidiary of Lomiko Metals Inc.

FREMONT, CA: SHD Smart Home Devices Ltd., a subsidiary of Lomiko Metals Inc., has been awarded a new patent #11063396 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its IoT Power Hub wall-mounted receptacle. The patent will be published on July 15, 2021. Lomiko Metals Inc.'s wholly-owned subsidiary Lomiko Technologies Inc. owns 18.15 percent of SHD Smart Home Devices Ltd. (www.shddevices.com) and 40 percent of Graphene Energy Storage Devices. This is a fantastic development for SHD because it creates licensing and manufacturing opportunities. SHD is pursuing licensing and manufacturing options for the product and is completing Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certification. SHD is also conducting research and development on power conversion, heat management, and electric vehicle charging equipment.

"SHD has an incredible opportunity to participate in a burgeoning IoT and Smart Device market.", states A. Paul Gill, CEO., "Major companies such as Leviton, Legrand, Pass and Seymour and others have recognized this new market and have launched similar devices."

Lomiko Metals agreed to sell its stake in Lomiko Technologies Inc. to Promethieus Technologies Inc. (Canada) on August 6, 2020, for $1,236,625. (Canadian dollars). Promethieus Technologies Canada intends to merge with Promethieus Technologies NV. SHD and Graphene ESD are both parts of the resulting company's capital development plan. Lomiko would retain a 20 percent ownership stake in the resulting issuer and be reimbursed for expenses of $152,858. COVID 19, the transaction's deadline, was missed due to delays. A new resolution is being planned to extend the selling period.

New phones from Samsung and Apple will not include charge adapters in the retail packaging. Six USB charging ports and two standard outlets allow for simultaneous charging of eight electronic devices from a single outlet. The patented design places the USB ports on the sides of the device, enabling concurrent use of all USB outlets without obstructing the plug outlets. This is shared by several options, which use front-mounted USB outlets. The device reduces the energy wasted by overheated power converters due to less-than-optimal chargers. SHD is a joint venture between Lomiko Technologies and MegaHertz Power Systems Ltd., founded on February 16, 2016, for IoT devices and EV charging solutions. SHD plans to keep developing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling Chargers and related devices.

There are 130 million established households in North America, and about 1.3 million housing starts per year. Office buildings, hotels, and coffee shops can all use USB charging devices. If only one or two USB charging devices are installed in new or renovated homes, healthy demand for these IoT products. The company has plans to talk with the distributors of IoT power outlets and other devices in North American markets. Lomiko can use its ties in the industry to help the venture grow, gain an advantage from the SHD equity multiplier, and bear no additional expenses associated with the rollout of the IoT power outlet and a new suite of IoT products.

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