Machine Coolant System: An Industrial Benefiter

Machine Coolant System: An Industrial Benefiter

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, September 23, 2019

The 2019 report of Global Machine Tool Coolant System Market provides in-depth analysis of the Machine Tool Coolant System industry.

FREMONT, CA: The 2019 report of Global Machine Tool Coolant System Market presents an in-depth analysis of the Machine Tool Coolant System industry size, share, growth, segments, manufacturers, and advancements, significant trends, market drivers, challenges, standardization, deployment models, opportunities, strategies, future roadmap, and 2025 forecast. It mainly focuses on industry status, future forecast, growth opportunity, a major market, and key players.

It is essential to maintain work piece, spindle, and machine element temperatures constant, to use a machine for a long time without any trouble. With units that can adjust coolant temperatures to track ambient temperature, machine base temperature, another reference or a fixed set point, there is a Thermal Care chiller for your application. There are several types of machine coolants in the market, water, water with oil and synthetic coolants. The most common of which is known as Oil‑based Machine Coolants and Chemical Machine Coolants.

Here are some goals that a good machine coolant has to fulfill:

Temperature Control

Machines produce heat, and it has a bearing on tool wear. Reducing temperature is essential since a small reduction in temperature will significantly extend cutting tool life. A machine coolant removes heat by carrying it away from the cutting tool/work piece interface. Apart from cooling, machine coolants minimize the amount of heat generated by friction – by lubricating the cutting tool. Cooling and lubrication achieves the desired finish, size, and shape of the work piece. Not all the machine coolants are suitable for every metalworking application, so for better results, coolant selection varies for each purpose.


During any machine operation, machines can generate heat that can cause machine coolants to ignite. A machine coolant with a high flashpoint can only avoid problems related to heat damage or machine coolant ignition.

Transparency and Viscosity

Viscosity and openness are the desired characteristics for a machine coolant. It should be transparent to enable the operators to see the work piece more clearly during machining operations. 

Viscosity is another crucial characteristic because it permits grit and dirt to settle out of suspension. Routine removal of dirt particles from the machinery will improve the quality of the machine coolant.

Corrosion Protection

Some of the machines rust rapidly when exposed to a particular environment. A good machine coolant should have the capability to suspend corrosion by preventing metal, moisture, and oxygen from coming together. To inhibit corrosion, coolants have to protect the machines from two types of films, which include polar and passivating films.

Health and Safety Considerations

The machine coolant becoming rancid, super-concentrated, or contaminated usually causes toxicological problems among the workers, if they tend to it for a long time. Dermatitis and respiratory issues are the most frequent health problems. That is why a machine coolant must be relatively non-toxic, non-misting, and non-flammable to minimize health-related risks. 


Some machine coolants create a fine layer of mist, which can be hazardous for the operators. While the misting coolants covers equipment and the surrounding working area, the non-misting machine coolants provide safer working conditions for the machine operator. Before buying a machine coolant one must go through Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for machine coolant, which includes information regarding health and safety information.

As the industries are booming day by day, the use of machines is also increasing. The machine coolants are one of the necessary equipment to maintain the health of devices. As per the recent financial reports, the market of machine tool coolant system, which was worth millions on USD, will rise multiple times by 2025 in CAGR.

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