Machine Learning and AI in Transforming Manufacturing Sector

Machine Learning and AI in Transforming Manufacturing Sector

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

A good manufacturing unit is essential for any industry and with the advent of AI; the latter is slowly impending in the manufacturing industry and facilitating industrial revolution. AI-powered machines are constructing an easy path by yielding a bunch of benefits such as offering new opportunities, enhancing production efficiencies to close the gap between machine interaction and human interaction. Let’s have a look at how AI is helping the manufacturing industry.

•  Automation

It is supporting the manufacturing unit to function with a high level of efficiency and productivity. Although it is said that AI is replacing humans, but the truth is that AI is built to work in an environment which is dangerous and life-risking for humans. With the automation, the speed of operations has also increased which has allowed machine learning algorithms to perform repetitive and tedious tasks for human employees.

•  Future Predictions

Overproduction and underproduction of goods can impact the profits of an organization. AI and machine learning can predict the consumer demand thereby allowing manufacturers to prevent the risk of loss from underproduction or overproduction. It is also helping in the supply chain optimization avoiding bottleneck amid the manufacturers and retailers.

•  Enhancing Quality

AI applications are responsible for the quality of products. As AI robots have high precision of accuracy, they help to maintain the similarity between the products, For instance, the automobile manufacturing industry where thousands of parts are manufactured at different places and need to be integrated perfectly. In this manner, AI robots help in making a better quality product and also conduct a quality check of the product.

•  Safe workplace environment

AI has made the workplace safe for humans. With several errors that take place on the manufacturing plant, a step towards adoption of AI helps in carrying out dangerous and difficult work thereby decreasing the number of workplace accidents.

•  AI in the supply chain

AI is also contributing in the supply chain movement of the manufacturing unit. In the supply chain, machine learning algorithms predict the demand based on various parameters such as market trends, customer response, and the competition in the marketplace.

•  Improved monitoring

AI has allowed better tracking in the production process. As various parameters are affecting the performance of the machines, AI helps in keeping a track on the operating parameters such as oil and gas pressure, working temperature of the machine and other factors as well thereby reducing the failures of the devices.

AI is going to play a significant role in the manufacturing unit. Though it is a cost-effective, speedy and efficient solution for carrying out various operations, it is nowhere going to replace human intelligence and thinking abilities for now.

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