Machine Vision Arena to Adopt a New Approach

Machine Vision Arena to Adopt a New Approach

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, October 30, 2020

In recent times, machine vision has gained great importance in different verticals such as manufacturing, and quality control. The use of machine vision systems has grown substantially at the global stage, and can be expected to grow even further.

While technology adoption is a key indicator of an organization’s competitiveness, many organizations in the machine vision arena understand that low cost and rich capabilities are the key to success.

Among the several organizations adopting machine vision, Basler is an organization whose camera serves applications of various kinds. Developing and manufacturing scan for the area, assembly line and network, they serve verticals such as logistics, retail, robotics, factory automation among others. In robotics, Basler’s expertise in camera proves useful for the pick and place type of operations. Having been in the business for over three decades, Basler has reached revenue of close to $200 million in 2017.

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Meanwhile, Cognex is an expert in machine vision and barcode readers for industries, along with providing sensors, ID readers, and several types of vision systems. Cognex offers software monitoring tools in complement with an arsenal of sophisticated 2D and 3D tools for machine vision.

Adding to the industrial automation manufacturers, Japanese firm Keyence Corp focuses on automation as well as inspection equipment. Their expertise is in the areas of technologies such as machine vision and a wide gamut of cameras and controls to cope with the range of demands in the inspection.

In addition to industrial automation, Keyence manufactures laser markers, sensors, and measuring systems. With systems that are primarily automated Keyence supports medical, automotive, food, and packing organizations where part and flaw recognition are vital.

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With the support of machine vision, it is expected that the robotics business will reach a new level. Machine vision technologies are becoming easy to afford and are capable of attenuating the impediments of manufacturing and inspection. As a direct outcome of this development, cobots—robotic co-workers—can become a newly visible sight on shop floors and supply chain operations.

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