Major Trends in Plastic Injection Modeling

Major Trends in Plastic Injection Modeling

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, March 19, 2021

As a direct result of the ongoing pandemic, several trends are driving the plastic injection modeling industry.

FREMONT, CA: The plastic injection molding business is here for nearly 30 years, and the expectations for 2020 didn't go exactly as planned.  Recycling became a big issue, and technology did not bring better automation. The world never expected how the global economy and landscape would change from a pandemic that reached every corner of the world.  Below are the 2021 trends we are expecting for plastic injection molding.

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• Plastic Injection Modeling for Medical Devices will Increase.

There are many reasons why the medical industry is replacing metal components and complete equipment with plastic injection molded products. Medical tubing is just the tip of the iceberg of products that are moving to plastics. Each product provides an opportunity for more regulatory compliance and a marketplace that can be limited by metals. There are unlimited design options, fewer manufacturing side effects, and plastic provides many options for biocompatibility and recycling. The world expects to see more products making the change to plastic injection molding and more manufacturers providing support to the medical industry.

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• The rise in Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a popular option for many manufacturers.  It can save time and money for a product to have a partner do a portion of the work to bring a new product.  Some opt to have a contract partner do all of the work concerning manufacturing, and then they just have to market and sell their offering.  Some offer integrated design and rapid prototyping, optimized production trials, and cost-effective turn-key production manufacturing operations.  Contract manufacturing, whether partial or complete product development and manufacturing, will increase in 2021 as companies can provide more nimble operating conditions in an evolving market.

• Importance for Sustainability

Sustainability affecting the climate is a big topic that will continue and grow into 2021. The aim is to cut emissions and decrease waste heading to landfills. Recycling will continue into 2021 trends as a massive focus to push for a goal of complete recyclability. Recycling has become its sector. Some consulting experts can provide solutions for businesses on how they can increase their operational recycling choices, change their materials to add more recycling options and transform their client's view of recycling in the products they purchase.

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